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September 21st, 2016 by J

It’s no longer a secret that Penelope Cruz has a thing for big black cocks. Here she is once again in a kinky quickie, taking a huge BBC inside that ultra wet pussy. She enjoys it more when she gets a load of cum on those juicy breasts and she gets it all the time.

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May 16th, 2016 by J

Prepping up her tight pussy, Penelope Cruz finger-bangs her twat and let her horny lover lick and eat her too. She likes her snatch extra wet and slippery so she can endure her boy toy’s huge thick boner. Cruz is one feisty woman on and off screen, so does her character when it comes to anything she does in the bedroom. In fact, she’s wilder with company, banging rough and sucking on a throbbing dick like some teenage chick tasting cock for the first time. Watch Penelope fuck hard and get sprayed on that pretty face!

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Spanish Enchantress

June 21st, 2010 by ms.cruz

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Ay Caramba! Penelope Cruz is the very definition of hotness. She has this enticing busty European, Sophia Loren thing going. Men simply can’t resist her exotic appeal. Witness Penelope oozing with sex appeal as she stikes smoldering poses in these photographs.

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Penelope Cruz is simply mesmerizing. She has those luscious lips that make you imagine how good they would feel sliding up and down your cock as she gives you a blowjob. Penelope posseses the rare ability to make men involutarily fall in love with her. And she also has this undeniable Spanish accent that is such a turn on.

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A collection of nude Penelope Cruz videos and screencaps

August 28th, 2008 by ms.cruz

From the previous posts, we’ve already established that Penelope Cruz is an actress willing to show or expose her naked body in front of the camera.  With that said, I’m giving you these free video clips from some of the movies she’s made which involves nudity and love scenes.  Click the caps below to get the full version of the videos.

The first video is from her debut movie called “Jamon Jamon”.  She gets her nipples licked and sucked by her lucky co-star in an erotic outdoor sexual encounter.  The second clip was taken from “La Niña de Tus Ojos” or “the Girl of Your Dreams”, which she definitely is to most of her male fans.  She bares her beautiful breasts again in this scene.  The final video clip was taken from “Abre Los Ojos” or “Open Your Eyes” which again shows her displaying her titties on front of the camera.  She also has a new movie with Scarlett Johansson and it was reported that the two actresses go at it in an exceptionally erotic lesbian encounter!  Now that is definitely worth waiting for.  If you’re not willing to wait, then head on over to Penelope Cruz Sex and start getting nude photos and videos of the actress right now!  Just click the link and be redirected to the best site ever!

A break from work for Penelope means sunning her breasts at the beach

August 28th, 2008 by ms.cruz

Penelope Cruz was caught sunning her perkies at this unknown beach with an undisclosed male companion.  The pictures are a little blurry, but you can see that she’s enjoying her time at this beautiful beach paradise.  She’s enjoying it so much she decided to go topless and fuck whoever sees her.  Going topless is nothing new to her anyway, as she’s known to bare her breasts in the movies she’s done.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  We all know that Penelope is a good actress and she does not need to show her tits to get major roles and bigger paychecks.  She just shows her sexuality and is real about it, not like some timid, overly-conscious actresses in Hollywood today.  And I must also add that her tits are perfect!  So she has every right to remove her top and soak up the sun’s rays whenever she wishes.  For more nude photos and videos, visit Penelope Cruz Sex and feel free to check out their extensive collection of naughty stuff featuring this beautiful Spanish celebrity.

Penelope Cruz makes love with her bed

August 28th, 2008 by ms.cruz

In this series of glamour shots, Penelope Cruz is half-undressed and cavorting in her bed seductively.  The photographer made sure that he captures Penelope’s sex appeal when he took these pictures.  And I must say that he did just that.  Looking at the gorgeous Latina’s images, one can’t help but admire and be stunned with her good looks and creamy skin.  And don’t forget her hot body sculpted by years of ballet dancing.  Just sit back and enjoy this treat for your eyes.  Let your mind wander with fantasies involving Penelope and let these sexy pictures help you on your way.  I’m sure you want more, so just visit this site,, and get your fill of this amazingly gorgeous actress!

Penelope’s cleavage can rival that of best pal Salma Hayek

August 28th, 2008 by ms.cruz

The two Latina beauties are known for their good looks and voluptuous bodies but Salma has the edge there because she has been exposed as a sexy actress years before Penelope made her presence felt in Hollywood.  But Salma is older than Penelope, and that’s where the latter has her advantage.  She’s got the face and body of someone younger than her.  And in these pictures, you can see that she’s still a smoking hot woman in her mid-thirties.  Check out her awesome cleavage in the dress she’s wearing.

Salma may have bigger boobs than her but Penelope definitely got the advantage in sex appeal right now, especially as Salma has just recently given birth to her first child.  She just might lay low doing sexy roles for a while and recover from her pregnancy but Penelope is ripe for sexy roles as she is right now.  So be sure to check her out every now and then for I’m certain that she will be scorching the big screen anytime soon!  Meanwhile, check out more of her stuff only at Penelope Cruz Sex where you can get tons of nude photos and videos.